Yes! A Story RPG of Non Traditional Love

Yes! A Story RPG of Non Traditional Love


Yes is a story role playing game about people in love who are traditionally less accepted by society. They are reflecting back on their early courtship leading up to their commitment to be together. Unlike many nontraditional love stories, Yes! specifically has a happy ending. While there will certainly be challenges to overcome, the overall tone is hope filled and uplifting. GMless Story RPG, rules taught, shared/exchanged characters, no dice, no stats, no combat, all love!

Date: Sat, Aug 29, 2020 7:00 PM Eastern Time
Platform: Zoom
Duration: 3 Hours
Max Players: 4
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GM: Wen Reischl

Wen (he/him) is a freelance game creator & business lycanthrope. He's written for Post World Games, Ulysses North America, Gallant Knight Games, and his own projects including Yes! He's a director at Tabletop Gaymers and frequent convention GM. Please eat cake, this is his B-day!