Captain America Needs Aftercare

Captain America Needs Aftercare

Two FOMO Bros storygame

A kinky romance about Captain America’s sex life, using a fanfiction-inspired storygame. Players use tokens to trade narration as they tell a story of Cap communicating about his desires and trying something uncomfortably new. In a spinoff never-ever approved by the MCU players choose Cap’s romantic partner, their unexplored kink, and take turns as the “author” of an unabashedly horny fanfiction. Players don't need to know anything about fanfiction or BDSM in order to enjoy this raunchy romance game. In fact, neophytes are encouraged! The facilitator will lead a calibration conversation at the beginning of the session to go over the player support tools and choose a level of explicitness that works for everyone.

Date: Sat, Aug 29, 2020 2:00 PM Eastern Time
Platform: Jitsi (a free encrypted browser-based video call service)
Duration: 4 Hours
Max Players: 5
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GM: Jon Cole

Jon Cole (he/him) is a sex educator and larpwright in Minneapolis, MN. He loves incorporating sexuality and consent into play in ways that are accessible and safe for all participants.