A Charming Party of Murder and Conspiracy

A Charming Party of Murder and Conspiracy

Corvid Court

Many in the city of Nest would call you a cult, full of killers, liars, and thieves. That doesn’t stop them from paying your fee to get work done. Corvid Court is a tabletop RPG about bad people doing bad things. But the city of Nest is filled with lots of vile people, so “bad” is relative. The players of this game, called Birds, are part of an organization known as the Corvid Court. The Court, for short, does dirty work for people who want to keep their hands clean. You've been hired to take out a target in the middle of a party--but you don't know who your target is. Can you identify and eliminate your target in your time limit? And can you trust your fellow Birds to have the same goal?

Date: Sat, Aug 29, 2020 9:00 AM Eastern Time
Platform: Zoom
Duration: 3 Hours
Max Players: 4
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GM: Stephanie Allen

Stephanie is one-half of Charm Person Games, a professional game master for hire service based out of Baltimore. You can watch her play Crina the fae in Monsterhearts 2 every Monday night at 7:30pm EST at twitch.tv/gehennagaming.