Dreamchaser: A Game of Destiny

Dreamchaser: A Game of Destiny


If you could live out any story, any moment—what would you experience? Hatch the Last Dragon Egg - Bring Firefly Back to TV - Eliminate a Split Personality. Let gameplay adapt to you! Zero in on what interests players and helps them build a story around it (while making a GM’s life easy). Join in on a collaborative story game experience where every player has a say on who and what our story involves. Create your own destiny!

Date: Fri, Aug 28, 2020 19:00 Eastern Time
Platform: Roll20/Meet
Duration: 4 Hours
Max Players: 3
Donations in any amount.

GM: Pete Petrusha

Pete Petrusha (He/Him) is the designer of the Indie Groundbreaker Award Nominee, Dreamchaser: A Game of Destiny. Don’t miss his dark comedy RPG about deadbeat roommates and the pad they share with the Grim Reaper! It kickstarts 9/29/2020 on a couch near you…