Welcome to GODO 2020

Welcome to GODO 2020

Welcome to the very first Games on Demand Online event. 75 76 game sessions and one seminar on the schedule so far!

I remember my very first Games on Demand event. It was at GenCon, ages ago. It was a small room hidden away from the main conference building. Brennan Taylor ran a very early edition of Bulldogs RPG for me and my friend Jeremiah. We went on to play more games in that little side room that year. I’ve played or ran games for Games on Demand since that day at GenCon, Origins, Pax Unplugged, Big Bad Con, Strategicon, where else?!

Thanks to the various GMs across the sister branches of Games on Demand, and help from The Gauntlet and the Greater Kansas City RPG folks…and plenty of behind the scenes people. 75 games and a seminar is what we look like the day before tickets go live.

The Games on Demand Discord is where most of the planning is happening. From there we decided to raise funds for The Bail Project and the NAACP LDF.

If I have my druthers… I’ll live record the MadJay and the Beak show Sunday morning, maybe we can get some surprise guest to drop in!

I assume everyone knows me, I’m Jahmal ‘Mad Jay’. I’ve recently took up the leadership role for Games on Demand Origins and then Corvid-19 happened to us all. I am missing the game convention experience and all the games and socializing. I’m looking forward to catching up with old faces and meeting new ones online.

Stay safe, play fearless.

-Mad Jay

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