What is Games on Demand?

Games on Demand Online is an independent, three-day online role-playing event from August 19-20, 2022, free and open to all. Games on Demand itself is a volunteer organization dedicated to running drop-in sessions of indie, small-press RPGs at large American conventions such as GenCon, Origins, and Pax East. However, there’s a pandemic and these conventions aren’t happening in-person at the moment. This has made the time we get to spend role-playing together online all the more valuable. Whatever is going on in your lives during this chaotic year, we’d love for you to take some time and play or run some games with us.

Games on Demand Online will have to run differently than we usually do it at conventions, where we rely on people’s physical presence to secure their spot at a table. We will instead be using a simple event pre-registration process, as well as providing a platform for game facilitators to recruit new players in case of last-minute drops. This is our first time doing this kind of event as an organization, so please forgive us if things are a bit bumpy this time around.

Even though this event is being held online, all participants will be held to the same standards of inclusion, diversity, equity, and safety that we demand in our physical events. We have a zero-tolerance policy for racism, ableism, misogyny, queerphobia, transphobia, and other forms of bigotry in our spaces. If you yourself are even in part a member of a historically dominant group — white straight cisgendered abled male with a stable salary, etc. — please take extra care this year to listen to and check in with your fellow participants who are not so fortunate. Black Lives Matter. We can model the kind of better world we want to live in by starting with our behaviors and unquestioned assumptions in a small online convention community.